How to make a Crochet Cell Phone Pouch for Droid – Iphone

0 How to make a Crochet Cell Phone Pouch for Droid   IphoneWritten Instructions Crochet Flat Pouch Droid – Iphone

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  1. TishyTasha12 says:

    oh look i justed …
    oh look i justed subscribed:)

  2. aihanako1 says:

    damn,your great!!!
    damn,your great!!!

  3. Missy2010Diana says:

    @Missy2010Diana And …
    @Missy2010Diana And please make it louder cuse i couldnt here u

  4. Missy2010Diana says:

    @MyCrochetingSchool …
    @MyCrochetingSchool lol im ten to and I just started and it really fun! you should go to how to make a small crochet bag it will probably fit

  5. Missy2010Diana says:

    @tjw1963 Can you …
    @tjw1963 Can you make a video of howw?

  6. Missy2010Diana says:

    @tjw1963 Ok can you …
    @tjw1963 Ok can you like make a video of it because i never saw the part where you can have the little flap

  7. tjw1963 says:

    @MyCrochetingSchool …
    @MyCrochetingSchool It will probably fit in this pouch!

  8. tjw1963 says:

    @Missy2010Diana you …
    @Missy2010Diana you can work single crochet

  9. Missy2010Diana says:

    Can I change the …
    Can I change the pattern like which other pattern could i use?

  10. MyCrochetingSchool says:

    my phone is a t- …
    my phone is a t-mobile vairy touch II the lenght is:5cm wide and 10cm tall(i m not sure about what its caled so i use ”tall”) how mytch chains shal i do? and im only 10 years old so crocheting is my pasion and my gift(now my hoby)Lol XD
    please reply

  11. aldizkiel says:

    @tjw1963 i really …
    @tjw1963 i really want to have my own cellphone holder..
    my cellphone is nokia N73…

  12. tjw1963 says:

    @xAnGiieex33 You …
    @xAnGiieex33 You are welcome!

  13. xAnGiieex33 says:

    After I learned the …
    After I learned the basic stitches, the rest really are so easy! :) Thanks so much! This pattern is so pretty. :)

  14. tjw1963 says:

    @duckycrochetlover …
    @duckycrochetlover The more challenging projects you try will make the rest seem easy! Please post a video response of your project.

  15. duckycrochetlover says:

    i lovethis video.

    i lovethis video.
    i found it a little tricky at first but i got on pretty well by the end.
    And my second attempt is excellent if i do say so myself.

  16. tjw1963 says:

    @MankaychilD The …
    @MankaychilD The easiest way to make it smaller would be to use a smaller crochet hook.

  17. MankaychilD says:

    What number would …
    What number would you recommend for a smaller phone? Mine is a little more than half the size of an iPhone, would seven be good for the base?

  18. tjw1963 says:

    @tsunadezama Yes, …
    @tsunadezama Yes, you can make the base smaller.

  19. tsunadezama says:

    can I make 13 …
    can I make 13 stiches instead of 15 for the base??
    Like would the pattern change much if i do that???

  20. lizzard9233 says:

    @tjw1963 Thanks …
    @tjw1963 Thanks because a little birdie told me im getting an ipod touch for christmas. and I wanna make a case. :D

  21. tjw1963 says:

    @lizzard9233 I will …
    @lizzard9233 I will keep another crochet phone pouch tutorial in mind!

  22. Phaythful says:

    i just made this …
    i just made this and it turned out GREAT! i accidentally forgot the loop for the button but i improvised which still turned out great. Thanks for the great pattern. I might make another one for my gameboy. ^_^

  23. tjw1963 says:

    @NicoleEliz21 Great …
    @NicoleEliz21 Great, I am happy that you got it!

  24. NicoleEliz21 says:

    I gave it another …
    I gave it another try and I got it!!! Yay.

  25. tjw1963 says:

    @slroot06 I am sure …
    @slroot06 I am sure you will do fine! @tjw1963

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